Monday, 11 April 2011

Small Worlds

I don’t need the semi-circle of mess that surrounds me on the sofa to remind me how my world’s grown small. A few dry crumbs, a dirty cup, a newspaper left over from Sunday (in several pieces and none of them worth bothering with) a gardening magazine, still in its wrapper, sent to mock me no doubt because I haven’t even the energy to walk to the bottom of the garden, let alone dig it, a Joanna Trollop novel – the one about ‘Other People’s Children’ – a bit of a depressing read but the only book I have around, apart from a couple of large print Mills and Boon found in a charity shop, that I swear are for research purposes only.

And why am I’m sitting in the middle of all this detritus, because it’s my 8th, or is it 9th, day of having flu. Yes flu, during the best spring weather we’ve had for years. The garden is glorious, all frothy pear blossom and vivid polyanthus, but I really can’t bear to look. Too bright. And now I'm actually out of bed, I’m left with an intense need for something, anything, to distract me from these four walls. Today is the first time for a week that I’ve been able to bear to look at a computer screen without feeling a need for sunglasses. So what’ll I do – write of course – escape. Living within your head is as good as going on holiday, if only I could stop coughing.


  1. Aw you poor soul . . . now TAKE ITS EASY - although it doesn't sound as though you have much choice, write, sleep and when you have the energy order some decent books from the second hand shop in Amazon . . . is there anything I can send you . . . give Mr lampie a list and send him out for reading material.

    Thinking of you .

  2. Sorry you have been so ill, there is nothing nastier than a dose of flu just as Spring is beginning.
    Drink lots (water of course) and rest as much as you can.

  3. Sounds like you've had it bad. Poor Lampie. Take care of yourself. I have plenty of reading matter here. So if there's something particular you fancy reading, give me a shout and I will post a couple of books to you :)

    Take care, drink plenty of fluids and I hope you're feeling much better soon.


  4. I'm so sorry to read that you've been ill......and without the comfort of a stack of good books and glossy magazines. Life is sometimes very unfair. Flu should only come around during the dark and rainy season when snuggling by the fire with gardening books is the best way to pass a day, ill or well.
    I hope you are soon better!

  5. Poor Lampie, from me too. Yes, it's rotten the bug that is doing the rounds and it does seem to hit some people really hard. Do hope you feel better soon. Live inside your head. That's a good phrase. I suppose Mr Amazon would say, 'This is when you need a Kindle,' but I'm not convinced. How can you not judge a book by its cover when it doesn't have a cover?